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3 Rules to Help Choose Your Make-up Artist Wisely

As a professional make-up artist, I try to be very careful not to judge the work of other make-up artists. But it is my duty as a card carrying member of the 'I Am a Diva Club' (it should be a club), to issue a warning to the trusting, unsuspecting men and women who fall prey to those who bare the name: Professional Make-Up Artist, but they are really just a hot mess!! Normally I would not dare write about a subject like this, but after seeing so many people with bad make-up that was "professionally" done, I can stay silent no longer. Here are three rules to help avoid a bad makeover:

Rule #1 Check out the artist

First impressions are everything, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This rule should definitely apply to your make-up artist. When you meet them for the first time there are certain things you should look for. Of course the obvious thing would be to see how their make-up looks. Now it is true that everyone has different styles, and their style may not necessarily reflect your style; however, you are looking beyond they style to see if it is done tastefully and applied correctly. Check out their total appearance. Its okay to make sure this person has good hygiene because they will soon have their hands all over your face!

Rule #2 Body of Evidence

So what do you do if you are not meeting the artist in person or when you do meet them they aren't wearing any make-up at all? A professional make-up artist will have a portfolio. Some who are just starting out may not have a huge portfolio, but they will have some pictures of their work for you to view. Even if the photos consist of a few pics on their camera phone. The point is they will have some proof of their work. There should be a few examples of different styles of make-up so you can get an idea of their capabilities.

Rule #3 Go for a Test Drive

Every make-up artist should offer you a trial session or a consultation. This is extremely important if you are receiving special occasion make-up for a wedding or prom, etc. This allows you to make an educated decision before your big day. There is no worse nightmare than planning for your special day and everything turns out perfect, but you look a mess because you chose the wrong make-up artist. It's also very important that the artist choose the right type of make-up depending on the purpose. For example, make-up for a photo shoot is going to be much different than the make-over given to someone who is going out on the town for their 10th anniversary.

Most importantly, trust your "beauty sense". If something doesn’t feel right about your make-over and it's just taking way to long. More than likely you're right and you should get out of there as quickly as you can without making a scene!

Need help finding a true professional? Click here

Product Review: Ardyss Body Magic

"Drop up to 3 sizes in 10 minutes!". If you heard this advertisement, your initial reaction would most likely be to brush it off as some sort of gimmick not to be taken seriously. But this is what the Mexican based company Ardyss International stakes their entire reputation upon.

When I was introduced to the flagship product "Body Magic", I thought it was just another girdle. Until I put it on. Let's just say the 3 sizes in 10 minutes tagline is more than just a clever marketing phrase. It actually took 5 inches off my waist, lifted my butt, breast and self-confidence. My body was completely reshaped. My waist was so small I could hardly believe it. My stomach is my problem area and Body Magic solved the problem. The garment totally changes the way you look and fit into your clothes. The jeans I had on the night I tried Body Magic for the first time were really, really tight. After I put them on while wearing the garment, they were too big! I felt amazing and I looked great!!

How does it work?

The main purpose of every garment is to lift, shape, and support. The technology behind the Body Magic garment is based on the original corset design, but with a little something extra. The garment is made of light weight Thermogenic fibers. All of Ardyss' garments are light weight and sturdy. Ardyss' line of products range from corsets and panty reshapers to postpartum girdles and abdomen reshapers for men. They don't stretch out or loose their form. They don't roll or bunch like traditional girdles. Not only do the garments instantly reshape your body, but they also aid in weight loss as well. This is done by redistribution of adipose tissue. The garments are made to form your body, giving you proper posture and allowing you to lose weight. All the garments support the back and/or stomach in some way.

Recommendation for Body Magic

I highly recommend Body Magic to anyone who wants to reshape their body and their attitude. An appointment with Ardyss will truly change your life for the better. Visit www.bodymagic3in10.com for more information.

Tips to Create a Stress Free Home

In today's economic climate most of us are under some type of stress. Any amount of stress can take a toll on our mental and physical health. It's been proven that stress can cause a variety of health issues as well as lead to premature aging. Bad economy, bad nerves and bad skin - that's just too much to handle! So here are a few tips to help you relax, relate, and release!

Re-Program Your Mind
Relaxation is a state of mind. It's hard to relax when you come home and the first thing you do when you walk through the door is kick the dog and yell at the kids. Now I know bad habits are hard to break, but instead of reacting right away to that pile of dishes in the sink - just take a deep breath and walk away from the situation. You can always punish the guilty party later. Make a decision to be at peace in your surroundings no matter what is happening around you. Applying this attitude to your everyday life can reduce your stress level significantly.

Mood Lighting
The lighting in a space also has an effect on our thoughts and attitude. Areas that are to poorly or to harshly lit can cause negative emotions. Use soft layered lighting throughout your home and avoid overhead lighting. To achieve a restful effect, use low brightness patterns, no visible light sources, subdued color, dark upper ceiling, low wall brightness. For imparting a sense of warmth, use colors at the red end of the spectrum—pink, orange, amber, yellow. And for coolness, use colors at the cool end such as violet, blue, and green. Customize the lighting in your home to benefit your emotional wellness.

Enhance Your Senses
Essential oils can seal the deal on setting a stress free atmosphere. The aromatic fragrance of oils such as clary sage, lemon, lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine and patchouli oils aid in relaxation, stress relief, and emotional happiness. Here are a few blends that will give your home an emotional lift:
* 3 drops Clary Sage
* 1 drop Lemon
* 1 drop Lavender

* 3 drops Grapefruit
* 1 drop Jasmine
* 1 drop Ylang Ylang

* 3 drops Bergamot
* 1 drop Geranium
* 1 drop Frankincense

To use your blended oils in a diffuser, multiply your blend by 4 to obtain a total of 20 drops of your chosen blend. Add your oils to a dark colored glass bottle and mix well by rolling the bottle in between your hands. Add the appropriate number of drops from your created blend to your diffuser by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Employ these tips in your home and feel the difference a stress free home environment can make on your overall health.

The Rebirth of Lashes

False eyelashes were created in 1916 by a silent film director. By 1920, silver screen divas like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, and Bette Davis made long, thick eyelashes a fashion trend. Now lashes are back and women everywhere are doing whatever they can to obtain the sexy look of full, black lashes. There are so many ways to improve the look of your lashes. Some expensive, some not so expensive. Now there are many ways to make your lashes more appealing.

Strip Lashes
These are the most used form of lash enhancements. Strip lashes are just what their name sounds like-synthetic lashes on a strip. These lashes come in all styles, lengths, and colors. They can be worn continuously or removed and reapplied daily. Strip lashes are the easiest to use for self application.

Individual Lashes
This type of lash is applied one at a time to your natural lash line. The application is a little more challenging than with strip lashes; however, individual lashes to provide a more authentic look. They can be worn for longer periods than strips. This is good if you're paying to get them done (feels like your getting your money's worth).
Both strips and individuals can be applied with adhesive. My preferred brand is Duo, a surgical adhesive that is sold online and at the M.A.C counter in Macy's. The artist there even apply lashes as part of their make-up services. Many salons, spas, and even mall kiosk provide lash application services. A professional make-up artist would be my recommendation simply because we'll complete your look by giving you a cleaner, more polished appearance with your new lashes. Overall lashes give you a sexy new look without a lot of hassle and won't break the bank to do it.