Product Review: Ardyss Body Magic

"Drop up to 3 sizes in 10 minutes!". If you heard this advertisement, your initial reaction would most likely be to brush it off as some sort of gimmick not to be taken seriously. But this is what the Mexican based company Ardyss International stakes their entire reputation upon.

When I was introduced to the flagship product "Body Magic", I thought it was just another girdle. Until I put it on. Let's just say the 3 sizes in 10 minutes tagline is more than just a clever marketing phrase. It actually took 5 inches off my waist, lifted my butt, breast and self-confidence. My body was completely reshaped. My waist was so small I could hardly believe it. My stomach is my problem area and Body Magic solved the problem. The garment totally changes the way you look and fit into your clothes. The jeans I had on the night I tried Body Magic for the first time were really, really tight. After I put them on while wearing the garment, they were too big! I felt amazing and I looked great!!

How does it work?

The main purpose of every garment is to lift, shape, and support. The technology behind the Body Magic garment is based on the original corset design, but with a little something extra. The garment is made of light weight Thermogenic fibers. All of Ardyss' garments are light weight and sturdy. Ardyss' line of products range from corsets and panty reshapers to postpartum girdles and abdomen reshapers for men. They don't stretch out or loose their form. They don't roll or bunch like traditional girdles. Not only do the garments instantly reshape your body, but they also aid in weight loss as well. This is done by redistribution of adipose tissue. The garments are made to form your body, giving you proper posture and allowing you to lose weight. All the garments support the back and/or stomach in some way.

Recommendation for Body Magic

I highly recommend Body Magic to anyone who wants to reshape their body and their attitude. An appointment with Ardyss will truly change your life for the better. Visit for more information.