Seasons Change!

Hello everyone! As we know, the Seasons are changing which means you need to be mindful of the effects it has on your skin. As the weather gets cooler you skin will get drier. You will need to change some of your skin care products. You will need a good moisturizer but also remember you will still need a sun block!

As our schedules become more hectic, remember to take time out for you! The Mobile Day Spa Company can help you with that. You don't have to leave the privacy of your own home! We will come to you and pamper you!!!

Until next time!



When I say Scrubs, I don't mean men! LOL! Just a little humor. I mean hand and body scrubs. Ladies, there is nothing better than clean, soft and smooth skin. When your skin is soft and smooth you feel sexy and pretty. That's why I would recommend a full body sugar scrub. It not only cleanses and exfoliates but it moisturizes as well.

I won't leave my men out. This is unisex, you can still be manly and have soft skin at the same time. Your lady will love you for it. Even if you don't want to venture out to the full body scrub you can still use it on your hands. No one likes rough dry hands. Everyone can benefit from it. Try it and I promise you will make it part of your daily grooming regimen.

Until next time! Kris

Mobile vs. Shop

Mobile vs. Shop! The benefits of being mobile are great. When you call on our mobile company, we come to wherever you are. No fighting the traffic! No wasting gas! Being in the comfort of your home or where you are most relaxed! Quality Services! Plus the biggest advantage, you can go to sleep or just relax right after the service is complete!

In a stand alone shop, first you have to drive there in the traffic! Then you are treated like a number! You get pushed in and out, no time for relaxation. If you are able to get relaxed, your stress level is about to rise driving home in more traffic!

If I had to choose, hands down, MOBILE IS THE WAY TO GO!

Until next time!

MEN! Claws or Feet! Which do you have?

My topic today is geared toward our men! Most men I know want their lady to have pretty feet. He wants them well manicured, no chipped nail polish or rough skin. Well men, WE WANT THE SAME THING FROM YOU! Men, there is no shame in getting a pedicure. As a matter of fact you need them like we need air to breath. You wear sneakers, work boots and those pointed shoes. You need a pedicure. Your nails are growing in different directions and they are different colors and not because you have polish on them. It's called fungus! Your feet are white and peeling. It's called Athlete's Foot. One word LAMISIL! It works, trust or go see a doctor! The heels of your feet can rip a hole in the sheets. Something needs to be done! A simple pedicure will be able to solve all that and your woman won't mind you rubbing her with your feet!!

Yes, it is very masculine to get a pedicure! No one will think of you as less of a man, they will think that you take good care of yourself! Until next time this is Kris!

Beware of the Deadly Credo Blade!!!

I have a major problem with some Nail Salons. Most people don't know this because they were never educated concerning the Deadly Credo Blade. Here is a little 411 I think you might appreciate.

We have all seen the news reports concerning the cleanliness of the spa chairs, but they have never mentioned the Deadly Credo Blade!! I can almost guess that you let the nail tech scrape your heals & the bottom of your feet with that little amazing tool. Well that amazing little blade can cause you problems you just don't want. It's correct name is the CREDO BLADE and here in the State of Georgia it is very ILLEGAL to use. This blade not only gets rid of dead skin but healthy live skin as well. This is the reason your heals get hard in a few days after you have had your pedicure. The healthy skin has to regenerate over the dead & healthy skin.

For you CSI Fans, you know you can't clean off blood, not even with bleach. So, if the client before you gets cut from the Credo Blade and they use it on you and you get cut that last clients blood is now mixed with yours!!! Don't be the next victim of a bacterial infection because the last customer had Hepatitis C!!!

Basically, your nail tech is LAZY because he or she does not want to work hard and wants to rush you in & out (it's all about the numbers) as quickly as possible. What you don't know is the best way to get your feet smooth and soft is to use a FOOT FILE. It is not expensive, you can buy it from anywhere. The foot file can be disinfected and washed. It's also healthier. So the next time you get a pedicure tell them not to use the Credo Blade. If they try to insist, tell them you will call State Board and the foot file will come out!

Until next time!


Winterize Your Hands & Feet

Let me first introduce myself. I'm Kris, T's partner. I am a licensed Nail Technician and I love what I do. I decided to go to school because I was tired of going to the nail shop and English was not the spoken language. I never knew if they were talking about me. The decision was made to got school and I have never regretted that decision. The average nail shop will not tell you how to take care of your hands & feet. I pride myself in making sure my clients are well educated on how to take care of their hands manicures & pedicures in between appointments. Thus the topic for today's Blog.

Winter time always brings dry, cracked and rough skin. I have a sure fire way to keep your hands & feet moisturized. Every night before you go to bed, rub Vaseline on your hands & feet, then place socks on both. The Vaseline & socks will act as an insulator. When you wake up in the morning your hands & feet will be well moisturized and soft. This will also help cracking & peeling cuticles. One last thing, buy your self a foot file and every time you get into the shower, scrub your feet and this will help your pedicure last a lot longer.

Until next time, remember you hands can leave a good or bad impression!!