MEN! Claws or Feet! Which do you have?

My topic today is geared toward our men! Most men I know want their lady to have pretty feet. He wants them well manicured, no chipped nail polish or rough skin. Well men, WE WANT THE SAME THING FROM YOU! Men, there is no shame in getting a pedicure. As a matter of fact you need them like we need air to breath. You wear sneakers, work boots and those pointed shoes. You need a pedicure. Your nails are growing in different directions and they are different colors and not because you have polish on them. It's called fungus! Your feet are white and peeling. It's called Athlete's Foot. One word LAMISIL! It works, trust or go see a doctor! The heels of your feet can rip a hole in the sheets. Something needs to be done! A simple pedicure will be able to solve all that and your woman won't mind you rubbing her with your feet!!

Yes, it is very masculine to get a pedicure! No one will think of you as less of a man, they will think that you take good care of yourself! Until next time this is Kris!

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