What Is a Spa Party?

Spa, meaning a place of relaxation. Party, meaning a social gathering for pleasure or amusement.

Spa parties are meant for fun and relaxation. A time for a group of friends to come together to fellowship and get pampered at the same time. However you want to party is up to you - at your house, your girlfriends apartment, a Mommy and Me class, or even at the office. Food, drinks and manicures, you can't beat that kind of fun! Sit back with your feet in a nice warm tub and sip on a glass of wine while your girlfriends tell jokes and make you laugh. There’s nothing like good friends, good food, good drinks and a good pedicure!

During a spa party you can have the pleasures of a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage. For a really good time go for all four treatments! Here are a few parties that easily be transformed to Spa Parties!

A Birthday Party

Going out to eat at the same boring restaurants can give anybody the birthday blahs! And no one wants to be depressed on their birthday. So stay home, invite a few friends over (let them bring the food and drinks - it's your birthday), and have have a pamper party! No matter what age you are, everybody loves manicures and massages!

Baby Showers

Ok, we all know those fun baby shower games: guess how many q-tips, jelly beans or whatever in the jar, Guess Mom's Tummy Size, and Never Say "Baby". Now imagine how fun all those games would be if you were getting pedicure in the process. Yes, it can be done! Make your shower the talk of the town by turning it into a Spa Baby Shower with certified therapist at you beck and call. The mommy-to-be would love to be pampered before the big day (because the next time she hears the word pamper, she may not get too excited).

Girl's Night In

Martinis and Manicures. Enough said. Picture it - it's Friday night, you've just left work, drove in rush hour traffic, picked up the kids, cooked dinner, and fed the angry mob. You think to yourself "what about me?". But wait, all is not lost. You remember it's Girl Night In and there's a Spa Party going on. Oh the relaxation! Now you can kick back and relax with the girls while a nice massage melts away all that stress the week so kindly brought you. Finally, it's all about you. Aaahh, so this is a spa party...

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