Tips to Create a Stress Free Home

In today's economic climate most of us are under some type of stress. Any amount of stress can take a toll on our mental and physical health. It's been proven that stress can cause a variety of health issues as well as lead to premature aging. Bad economy, bad nerves and bad skin - that's just too much to handle! So here are a few tips to help you relax, relate, and release!

Re-Program Your Mind
Relaxation is a state of mind. It's hard to relax when you come home and the first thing you do when you walk through the door is kick the dog and yell at the kids. Now I know bad habits are hard to break, but instead of reacting right away to that pile of dishes in the sink - just take a deep breath and walk away from the situation. You can always punish the guilty party later. Make a decision to be at peace in your surroundings no matter what is happening around you. Applying this attitude to your everyday life can reduce your stress level significantly.

Mood Lighting
The lighting in a space also has an effect on our thoughts and attitude. Areas that are to poorly or to harshly lit can cause negative emotions. Use soft layered lighting throughout your home and avoid overhead lighting. To achieve a restful effect, use low brightness patterns, no visible light sources, subdued color, dark upper ceiling, low wall brightness. For imparting a sense of warmth, use colors at the red end of the spectrum—pink, orange, amber, yellow. And for coolness, use colors at the cool end such as violet, blue, and green. Customize the lighting in your home to benefit your emotional wellness.

Enhance Your Senses
Essential oils can seal the deal on setting a stress free atmosphere. The aromatic fragrance of oils such as clary sage, lemon, lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine and patchouli oils aid in relaxation, stress relief, and emotional happiness. Here are a few blends that will give your home an emotional lift:
* 3 drops Clary Sage
* 1 drop Lemon
* 1 drop Lavender

* 3 drops Grapefruit
* 1 drop Jasmine
* 1 drop Ylang Ylang

* 3 drops Bergamot
* 1 drop Geranium
* 1 drop Frankincense

To use your blended oils in a diffuser, multiply your blend by 4 to obtain a total of 20 drops of your chosen blend. Add your oils to a dark colored glass bottle and mix well by rolling the bottle in between your hands. Add the appropriate number of drops from your created blend to your diffuser by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Employ these tips in your home and feel the difference a stress free home environment can make on your overall health.

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